Nagarhole National Park/wildlife sanctuary is known for a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Nagarhole National Park

Fast Facts

Location                                 Nagarhole, Karnataka, India

Weather                                 100C (minimum)-290C (maximum)

Nearest Airport                     Bangalore International Airport (236 kms)

Nearest Railway Station     Mysore Railway Station (96 kms)

Wildlife Attractions               Elephants, Tigers, Indian Bison

Best Time to Visit                 September-May

Things to do/Activities         Trekking, White water rafting, Animal Safari, Bird-watching

Nearby places                      Wynad Wildlife Sanctuary and Bandipur National Park

Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park is a vast expanse of wildlife reserve, covering over 643 kilometers in total. This park is also known as the Rajiv Gandhi National Park. The name, Nagarhole, is derived from ‘naga’ which means snake and ‘hole’ meaning streams. Originally, this park was a hunting ground for the kings of the Wodeyar dynasty. However, in 1955 it was converted into a wildlife sanctuary and was brought up to a national park status only in 1988. It was declared as a tiger reserve in1999. Nagarhole is a beautiful spot for tourists. With the gorgeous Brahmagiri Mountains in the distance, beautiful streams and rivers and, of course, the wildlife, this is an absolute delight for those who want to revel in nature’s beauty. Nagarhole is also famous for its flora and fauna and especially for the birds as there are over a hundred different varieties of birds that you could find.


Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka


Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary is a host to various types of flora and fauna. The sprawling acres of land, with rich biodiversity, cater to the needs of different animals and birds that reside in the beautiful wildlife park. The most common animals that you would be able to spot are the Indian Tigers, Indian Bison, also known as ‘gaur’, and elephants. The sanctuary is also home to the mouse deer, wild boars and various other mammals. If you are a bird enthusiast, you are in for a treat. There are various species of birds that inhabit this sanctuary. This sanctuary is considered as ‘Important Bird Area’ which is a fro places that are recognized as globally important habitats and conservation areas for birds. There are many species of birds that one can see here, which include, oriental white-backed vulture, greater spotted eagle and the even the Nilgiri wood-pigeon. The fauna here falls under the category of both dry and moist deciduous trees, depending on the region. The most important trees are sandalwood, Silver Oak, rosewood and teak.

Things To Do

What is most important to remember is that during the monsoons and the mating season of the animals, the park is closed. Otherwise, there are many things to see and do. For the avid birdwatcher, there are various bird-watching activities and opportunities. There is trekking and white-water rafting available for the adventurous hikers. The Nagaraja Game road is great for sighting animals; in the evenings is most probably when you would get to see a predator hunt its prey. If you are driving out after dark, it is necessary to get permission from proper authorities to make the drive safe for you as well as the animals. There are observation towers throughout the park, and from there you could see a wide range of animals. Ask your guide or the forest officials as to where you would be able to spot these creatures and enjoy what the wilderness has to offer. There is also an old ‘khedda’ site at Mastigudi that you might wish to see.

Places To Stay

There are many different places you could stay at. Here are a few options you could consider:

  • Kabini River Lodge – Tourism House, #8, Papanna Lane, St. Marks Road, Bangalore–560 001. Ph: + 91-80-22111401. email: [email protected]
  • The Serai, Kabini – No, – 60/1, Nishana, Karapura Village, Antarasante Hobli,HD Kote Taluk, Mysore–571114. Ph: +91 99456 02305.
  • The Bison Resort – Gundathur Village (Karapura – Kabini), Nisana Hobli, H D Kote Taluk, Mysore District–571114. Office Address: No3 President Chambers, 8 Richmond Road, Bangalore–560 025. Ph: +91-80-41278708/65590271. email: [email protected]

Nearby Places

There are many places that are close by to Nagarhole. Kabini has a wildlife reserve that you might want to look at. Coorg is also close by, and you could even go visit Bylakuppe and the monasteries there. Bandipur National Park is almost neighborhood for many people in Karnataka and you could always go there for a good wildlife experience!

How To Reach

  • If you want to take a flight, you could arrive at Bangalore International Airport and catch a cab or take the public transport that is offered by the Government. Bangalore is 236 kilometers away from Nagarhole National Park. Taking a cab would be a wiser option, just in case you might not be familiar with the local language.
  • If you are taking a train, Mysore is the closest railway station to Nagarhole. It is 96 kilometers away. If you are arriving in Bangalore and then taking a train, you have trains that go from Bangalore to Nagarhole, or you could also get a train from Bangalore to Mysore and head out from there.
  • If you plan to rent a car, Mysore is the closest point. It is only 96 kilometers away and it takes about 2 hours to reach your destination. If you take a bus, it takes about four hours to reach. There are 2 buses that ply from the main bus station in Mysore. If you are travelling from Bangalore, it is 236 kilometers while it is 93 kilometers from Madikere.

Karnataka Tourism Contact information

Department of Tourism,

Government of Karnataka

#49, 2nd Floor, Khanija Bhavan, Race Course Road,

Bangalore – 560001