The Murudeshwar beach near Bhatkal in Karnataka is a beautiful beach. Read more about the Murudeshwar beach.

Murudeshwar Beach

Fast facts

Location                               Bhatkal Taluk, Murudeshwar, Karnataka

Known For                           Murudeshwar Temple

Things to do/Activities     Snorkeling, boat-rides and scuba-diving

Murudeshwar Beach

Amongst the many beaches on Karnataka, a famous name happens to be the Murudeshwar Beach, along with others like Malpe and Maravanthe. The Murudeshwar Beach is an attractive tourist destination located about 16 km from Bhatkal and 165 km from Mangalore. Situated in Murudeshwar, this tourist hotspot has a scenic coastline and is frequented by tourists from all over the world. This sacred beach, surrounded by the Arabian Sea, is famous for the beautiful temple of Shiva, known as ‘Murudeshwara’ temple, from where the beach gets its name. ‘Murudeshwar’ means ‘Eeshwara’ or ‘Shiva’.  This beach is also known for its soothing natural blue waters and swaying, coconut trees, and is bounded by glorious mountains. Ancient rituals like ‘Bhuta’, Buffalo races otherwise known as ‘Kambala’ and ‘Korikatta’ or cock fights, are exhibited here to entertain tourists. The spiritual atmosphere, complete with the gentle waves of the sea, makes Murudeshwar the perfect destination for the avid nature-lover.

Murudeshwar Beach, Karnataka

Nearby Attractions

Murudeshwar Temple

Murudeshwar Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Karnataka. About 1 km from the shore of the Murudeshwar Beach is the Murudeshwar temple which is built on top of the ‘Kanduka Hill’ and is always packed with devotees. According to legend, on being pleased by ‘Ravana’s devotion, Lord Shiva gave the ‘Atma-linga’ to the demon-king on the condition that he should not place it on the ground. The Murudeshwara temple embodies a part of the Lingam as it is built out of one portion of the cloth that covered Lord Shiva’s ‘Atma-linga’ when he gave it to Ravana.

The Idol Of Lord Shiva

A gigantic idol of Lord Shiva made of bell metal and standing at a towering height of 123 feet, is present in the temple vicinity and serves as a main attraction of Murudeshwar. It took two years and a total of 50 million rupees to build this huge idol. The sunlight shines directly upon this idol, making it sparkle brilliantly.

‘Rajagopura’ Structure

Within the temple complex, also lies a 249 feet tall ‘Rajagopura’ structure, which is one of the tallest ‘gopuras’ in the world. One can also witness two giant elephant statues made of concrete, positioned at the entrance of the Murudeshwar temple as a welcome gesture to all tourists and devotees.


The shrine of ‘Jattiga’, the guarding deity, is seated on a horse and can be spotted while trekking down the Kanduka hill.

Tipu Sultan’s Fort

Behind the beautiful temple of Murudeshwar, is the ruler of Mysore, Tipu Sultan’s Fort, a huge monument, which is an added attraction to the pristine Murudeshwar Beach. It is believed that Tipu Sultan decided to set up the fort, while he was taking a stroll on the beach and was mesmerized with the peace and tranquility of his surroundings.

Things/Activities To Do

  • Apart from sight-seeing, boat-rides, scuba-diving and snorkeling are many of the popular activities that tourists like to indulge in, while at Murudeshwar.
  • Experience the opportunity of trekking on the Kanduka Hill and enjoy nature’s beauty.
  • During ‘Mahashivaratri’, a popular Lord Shiva festival, in February, the temple of Murudeshwar is flocked by devotees to celebrate this holy festival with prayers, rituals and offerings.
  • The local delicacies of the beach include hot and spicy fish curries, different rice dishes, coconut sweets and native fruits like mangoes, cashew nuts and bananas.
  • At Murudeshwar, accommodations are easily available for those who wish to stay on for a couple of days.

How To Reach

  • People who wish to travel by air can reach Mangalore’s Bajpe International airport, which is the nearest airport to Murudeshwar.
  • The nearest railhead is situated in Hubli, therefore a great choice for those travelling by train. Bhatkal station is the also a very close stop to Murudeshwar.
  • By road, one needs to travel for 16 km from Murudeshwar to Bhatkal. Auto-rickshaws and taxis are also available locally for intra-city transport.

The Murudeshwar beach is an ideal tourist spot for all devotees and tourists. The stunning beach with its cool breeze is perfect for anyone who wishes to indulge in water activities. A must-visit, this beach is equally renowned for its religious significance and breathtaking beauty. Visit the Murudeshwar Beach anytime of the year, especially after the monsoons, for an amazing experience.