The Maravanthe beach is one of the popular beaches in Karnataka. Have a look at the Maravanthe beach.

Maravanthe Beach

Fast Facts

Location                                           Kundapura, Karnataka

Known for                                        Beautiful Sunset, Kodachadri Hills, Souparnika River

Things to do/Activities                  Scuba-diving and snorkeling 

Maravanthe Beach

Maravanthe Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Karnataka. It is situated in the Kundapura Town, 55km from Udupi. Right next to the coastline is the National Highway Road and on the other side, is the sacred Souparnika River against the backdrop of the Kodachadri Hills. Driving along the NH-17, one can witness both the Arabian Sea and the Souparnika River on either sides of the road. The Maravanthe Beach is the only beach in India blessed with such wonderful scenery. A long stretch of white, virgin sand and the vast crimson sky during sunset is a sight that cannot be missed. The shores and the rocks of the beaches represent nature’s beauty which makes Maravanthe, a delightful experience for anyone who visits it. The scenic beauty of this gorgeous beach surrounded by the holy Souparnika River, along with its lush flora and glorious sunsets, attracts large crowds of domestic and international tourists every year during vacation time.

Maravanthe Beach Karnataka

Nearby Attractions

Kanchugoda village is a fishing village near Maravanthe Beach. One can take a closer look at the lifestyle of the local folk while sightseeing. About 35 km from Maravanthe Beach are the Kodachadri Hills which comprise of rich dense forests that are perfect for trekking and bird-watching. Flowing down the Kodachadri Hills is the magnificent Souparnika River which happens to be one of the biggest rivers of Karnataka. Souparnika River is believed to be home to over 64 medicinal herbs, capable of curing several grave and common illnesses. The Mookambika Temple is an old temple built around 1200 years ago and is also quite close to the Maravanthe beach. Devotees, from all over India, visit this ancient temple to seek blessings from Goddess Parvati. The temple is located on the Kodachadri Hills.

Things/ Activities To Do

  • Children can indulge in recreational activities like swimming, collecting sea-shells/pebbles and building sand-castles at the Maravanthe beach.
  • Several adventurous games like volley ball and beach cricket, can be played on this beach.
  • Resorts nearby offer opportunities for scuba-diving and snorkeling under professional guidance.
  • Fishing, a favorite pastime for many, as well as swimming and boating, etc can be enjoyed on the Maravanthe beach.
  • One can trek through the jungles of Kodachadri Hills and appreciate the lush green nature.
  • Even just driving along the shore can provide you with a spectacular view of the beach with beauty all around.
  • Bird watching is also a popular activity among the tourists who visit this beach.
  • A boat ride in the Souparnika River is a unique experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.
  • Take pleasure in shopping! There are various small stalls set up near the beach. You can purchase interesting beach articles made out of shells, coconuts and other material from these. These trinkets can act as souvenirs for your friends and family back home too.
  • Resorts and restaurants are all around the beach for those wanting to savor excellent sea-food delicacies, Punjabi dishes and spicy vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. The majestic view of the beach along with the native scrumptious coastal cuisines makes the holiday even more exciting!

How To Reach

  • If you are travelling by air, then Mangalore Bajpe Airport is the nearest airport. Alternatively, one can take the nearest train from Kundapura or else, tourists can also opt for trains from Mangalore. Buses and auto-rickshaws are available at the stations, to drop you at Maravanthe beach.
  • The beach is around 50 km from Udupi, 130 km from Gokarna and 450 km from Bangalore. The National Highway links all these destinations.

Other Places Of Importance

Baindur is a small village that is only 45 km from Maravanthe, and is admired for its beaches and scenery. Ottinane is only a few minutes away from Maravanthe beach and is famous for its Sunset Point and the overhanging cliff. From here, one can witness incredible sunsets, which is a great way to enjoy an evening. A little further from Ottinane is the beautiful Belaka Theertha Falls, a favorite among the many tourists.

Enjoy the soft breeze of the serene calm waters of the Maravanthe beach. To be seated on the beautiful rock structures of the Maravanthe Beach and watching the gorgeous sunset, is a lovely feeling that can never be forgotten.