The people of Chandigarh are proud owners of a city that has actively promoted its diverse culture. Scroll further and get to know more about this immensely planned city.

Culture of Chandigarh

Culture of Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a city with diverse culture within the country as it has succeeded to attract many people from different parts of the country. It houses several institutions like the Central Gov. institutions, research institutions and the branches of almost every national bank along with the large establishments of Air force and army as well. Hence, this is a good reason as to why Chandigarh is home to multicultural people. Though this city is cosmopolitan with diverse culture, the different groups do not miss a chance to intermingle with each other. The architectural shrines of the city reflect very well the cultural aspects with several sabhas and bhavans in the city. Apart from the North Indian style alone, one will find the Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Bengal and Orissa architecture involved in the places of worship in the city. There is a great deal of encouragement for the people in folk music and dance with various exhibitions and workshops held frequently to showcase the talent of the people. Read more!

Culture of Chandigarh

Art and Craft

One would be very familiar of the architect, Le Corbusier. He was the architect of this first planned city of Chandigarh and also designated 14 sectors as cultural zone. Chandigarh is home to various museums ranging from big and small and comprises International Dolls Museum, main government museum and art gallery, Fine Arts museum and the Museum of Evolution of Life. Here, there are artifacts that would take you back to the pre historic period and also those who which are related to the contemporary art.

Dance and Music

The tradition of dances of the city can be considered to be a mix of folk which is borrowed from the neighboring states of Punjab and Haryana. The occasions of festivals call for celebrations and people enjoy it with great vigor and zeal. The various yet popular dance forms of the city are: Bhangra, Giddha, Luddi, Julli, Dhamal, Jaago,  Sammi, Teeyan, Jhumar, Dankara, Kikili and Gatka.


The city of Chandigarh follows an urban routine which is similar to the one in other cities in the world. Speaking of the language of the city, Punjabi and Hindi is most prominent. Although, this city has involved people from different parts of the country with diverse cultures, one will find people speaking different languages as well. Being a land of multi-lingual people, Chandigarh has a culture which mirrors the combination of the entire North India.


The people of Chandigarh are those who enjoy their lives to the fullest and lead a hassle free life. The various sectors of the city are contributed for education, administration, leisure, residential purposes etc. For instance, in the 10th sector of the city, there are Audio- Visual Training Institute, a Museum and an Art Gallery. Chandigarh has updated the latest version of almost all the fields be it fashion, technology, studies or even IT. Being the capital of two states, it follows a modern developed infrastructure with blend of the culture of either state. The people have a warm and friendly nature and there is diversity in caste and religion of the people living in this part of India. The people of the city have sought to the fast pace of life leading a leisurely lifestyle.


The main characteristic of the people of Chandigarh is that they are enormously amiable and food lovers. Chandigarh is the city which encompasses new fashion in contemporary society. Sarson ka Saag, Dal Makhni, Kadhi, Punjabi Chhole, Shahi Paneer, Palak Paneer, Kadhai Paneer, Baingan da Bhurtha, Butter Chicken, Punjabi Lachha Paratha, Chicken Tikkas, Tandoori Chicken, Makki di Roti, Chicken Biriyani, Amritsari Fish, Tandoori Fish, Bhuna Ghosht, Stuffed Vegetable Punjabi Parantha, Kebab, Fish Tikka, Punj Ratani Dal, Lamb Biriyani, Keema Naans, Malai Tikka, Reshmi Tikka are the main cuisine of the people of the city. Here in Chandigarh, the food is a combination of Punjab and Haryana with several outlets in the city serving people with the desired food. The restaurants here range from the inexpensive dhabas to the hip hotels depending upon the requirements of the people.


Sikhism and Hinduism are the prominent religions in the city and it also comprises Jains, Buddhists, Muslims, and Christians. Though there is diversity in the religions people follow, there is great essence of harmony among them.

Fairs and Festivals

Fairs and the festivals of Chandigarh are welcome with great pomp. One would find musical concerts, classical and folk dances, performances and also exhibitions conducted by various local artists irrespective of caste, creed and religion. The important fairs of the city involve: Rose festival, Mango festival, Teez festival, Baisakhi, Chandigarh Carnival etc. Baisakhi being the most important festival of the Punjabis, it is celebrated in the month of April and marks the beginning of the harvest season. Teej festival is considered to be the traditional fest which honors and hails monsoon. This festival is mainly celebrated as a women’s festival as they participate enthusiastically. They were new clothes with ornaments and many dance performances are organized. The Chandigarh Mango festival which is organized at the Pinjore Garden in June is unique and gives an opportunity for the mango cultivators to exhibit their crop.

Thus, Chandigarh has succeeded immensely in carrying forward the diverse culture of the people who have come from various states to form a single group and promote the social status of the city. Hope you have gathered much information on this creative energy state.